During the Great Depression, my grandfather, along with his horse and wagon, traded his fruit and vegetable route for collecting and selling scrap metal.  At the time, he noticed artists and small machine companies often disposed trash with metal fragments. As a result, my grandfather researched outlets for buying and selling metal. 

With the help of one truck and hired helper, his business continued to flourish. Due to the high demand of recycled metal in World War II, my grandfather established several accounts. His fairness in transactions landed him an impeccable reputation, a characteristic I strive to replicate. 

When my grandfather reached his 70s, he passed along his business to his children and eventually, his grandchildren. In addition, his dedication and work ethic still remain a vital component to our company.  

I continue to oversee each customer account regardless of size, revenue and industry, just as my grandfather would’ve wanted. I look forward to continuing his service and earning your business. 

Ron Nisson, President 
C&R Scrap Iron & Metal LLC